The society was registered in 1976 with only 500 members most of whom were teachers. Our strength has now grown to 1557 members and 1528 account holders at the FOSA.


  • Primary schools teachers
  • Secondary school teachers
  • Ministry of education 
  • Office of the president
  • Employees of the Sacco and other teacher’s institutions like KNUT and B.B.F.
  • Private institutions.
  • Retired teachers.

The common bond has been opened and business people in the Jua kali industry can now open accounts in FOSA and get loans after saving for a maximum period of six months. Our membership has grown from 500 at the registration in 1976 to 1757 in BOSA and 1528 accounts in FOSA currently.


The society operates within the provisions of the Co-operative society’s Act CAP 490 and the society by-laws. The society has two main cost centre’s namely- BOSA ( savings and credit) and FOSA (Banking services).

Mombasa teachers Sacco has 13 members of staff headed by the General Manager in the following departments:-

  • Administration
  • Finance/Accounts
  • Loans
  • Fosa
  • Audit
  • I.T.
  • Public relation / customer care
  • Reception
  • Registry.

Mombasa teachers Sacco like other co-operative institutions is governed in the following manner.


The society derives its authority from the Annual General Meeting which takes place once in a year and all the members converge in one place. All the major decisions affecting the society are referred to this supreme body which is normally guided by the Cooperative act and the society by-laws.

Central Management Committee
The central management committee consists of nine members and they are elected from the general membership at the annual general meeting. This is the governing body of the society and meets once per month to review the operations during that period. This committee is answerable to the general membership.

Supervisory committee.
This committee is the watch dog for the members and consists of three members who are elected from the general membership at an AGM. This committee is supposed to check whether the central management committee is following the rules, procedures and policies as per the society by-laws. Their findings are reported in a joint meeting which is held after every quarter and they do report direct to the members at annual general meeting.

  • The highest loanee so far is Ksh 957,000.00.
  • The highest contributor has Ksh 700,000.00 deposits.

We encourage all our Sacco members to update their nominee cards due to unforeseen misfortunes which might take place and hence affect the next of kin.


The Society is insured with CIC Ltd on all covers which include among others – group personal accidents, cash in-transit and in the premises, loans to members, members funeral expenses, fire and burglary.





Shares with Coop Bank












KUSCCO Central Finance




The Society banks its resources with the Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd.


  • TSC not employing Teachers any more.
  • Transfer of Teachers.
  • Late remittances by the employer(TSC)
  • Banks.
  • Argos/Kukopesha/Money lenders.
  • Expenditure on Teachers Education as well as their children.
  • Introduction of the very many micro finances, they give challenges to the Society based on Credit facilities services.
  • Though we have opened FOSA very few members are channeling their salaries through FOSA and   we urge all our members to do so.


  • The Society is able to meet the Members demands for normal loans on monthly basis and on daily basis for emergency loans.
  • Total account holders savings balances in FOSA stands at Kshs. 6,619,897/=
  • To-date we have paid salary advances in FOSA totaling to Kshs. 2,226,032.00.
  • Total account holders in FOSA – 1480
  • Salary processing fee is 120.00
  • Cheque clearance is 425.00
  • Standing orders are also available in FOSA
  • We also offer M-PESA services.
  • We are in the process of introducing the Visa branded A.T.M. Cards and Bankers cheques.


The Chairman
Mombasa Teachers SACCO
P.O. Box